Conducting R&D

Services rendered in the field of “Conducting R&D”

JSC ZASLON carries out a full cycle of metal processing according to customer's specifications from billet to final machining.

JSC ZASLON has a substantial track record and experience in performing research and development work (R&D) as a lead performer under the specifications of various Customers (ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, aircraft construction companies and naval design bureaus) and as a co-executor in R&D of organizations and corporations with different activity profiles.

With its high scientific and technical potential (the Company's R&D Center employs 2 Doctors of Engineering, 27 Candidates of Engineering and 1 Candidate of Military Science, the Company has well-trained specialists in various fields of knowledge, has its own school of chief designers and project managers who keep abreast of R&D work), JSC ZASLON carries out developments in the following main fields of scientific and technical activity:

  • radar and radio-navigation equipment;

  • aviation and naval avionics radio-electronic equipment;

  • systems for neutralizing small commercial UAVs;

  • general-purpose ground support equipment;

  • marine climatic equipment;

  • digital computing systems;

  • mobile and modular data centers. 

The scope of JSC ZASLON's research activities in the aviation and shipbuilding industry is a high-tech and dynamic market for scientific and technical products and services for various purposes.

The Company's science-intensive and innovative products are the results of conducted R&D, intellectual activities of JSC ZASLON R&D Center employees, services for scientific and technical support and implementation of products created and upgraded by the Company, purposeful and continuous expansion of scientific and technical reserve, services for repair, upgrade and testing of created products, carried out using the unique experimental laboratory and testing base provided by the Company.

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