Services rendered in the field of “Production”

JSC ZASLON carries out a full cycle of metal processing according to customer's specifications from billet to final machining.

JSC ZASLON solves the tasks of designing and manufacturing complex knowledge-intensive products with high performance parameters that meet all customer requirements. The following aspects guarantee the quality and reliability of our products:

Production has a flexible structure, reacting quickly to changes in the design and functionality of products that occur during their life cycle. In order to carry out all the necessary changes in the design and functionality of products, production develops new technological processes and perfects the existing ones, while changing its own structure with minimal cost.

The main criteria for optimizing production are indicators for minimizing the time and cost of manufacturing products.

JSC ZASLON actively explores new innovations in science and technology, using a whole range of modern and high-tech equipment. JSC ZASLON production uses digital program control systems, built-in automated control systems that allow for quick assembly of flexible production and robotic complexes.

JSC ZASLON manufactures high-quality products that meet all the requirements of the modern market. Comprehensive automation of technological processes is an important distinguishing feature of JSC ZASLON production. Thanks to this, technological processes are improved, and subjective factors of quality assessment of manufacturing parts, assemblies and products as a whole are eliminated.

One of the conditions guaranteeing the production of products with high performance parameters is the effective use of a comprehensive QMS in the production of JSC ZASLON. It ensures quality control of materials, components and units, technological processes at all stages of production.
JSC ZASLON operates an environmental management system that meets international environmental requirements.

Particular attention is paid to the composition of the workforce. Since production is based on automated systems and robotic systems, widely uses computing technology and CAD, the professional staff includes specialists in the maintenance of automated equipment, computer operators, adjusters of electronic measuring instruments. The share of engineers and technicians with special training and knowledge of modern methods of mathematical and simulation modeling is significant in production.

The integral indicator of science-intensive production of JSC ZASLON is its certification, which provides for organizational and preparatory stage, certification itself and confirmation of the certificate later. The certification shows the guarantee of products of the specified quality and the stability of the operation of production as a whole.

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