Software Development

Services rendered in the field of “Software Development”

New algorithm solutions make it possible to increase the efficiency of products and give them additional functional properties. Significant scientific potential of the company is able to provide solutions to the problems, the emergence of which is dictated by developing technologies, including in the field of special software development (SPD). The Scientific and Technical Center of JSC ZASLON has a significant potential of qualified algorithms and software engineers to carry out software development in any, however complex project.

In developing software for the company's core business areas, ZASLON specialists implement PLDs, develop general and special software under OS and OSDS control, software with graphical interface and network technologies in low-level and object-oriented programming languages, use modern and multi-level databases in their developments, and various development and design systems.

In developing software for blocks and systems with specialized element base and coupling devices with interfaces GOST 26765.52-87, GOST 18977-79 (ARINC-429), CAN-BUS (ISO11898), GOST R 52070-2003 (MIL-STD-1553B), RS232, RS485; Ethernet switches, digital and analog information input/output boards, as well as discrete signal formation boards, JSC ZASLON specialists create products that meet international standards for interfaces, mounting dimensions, reliability and quality. Developed software and products of JSC ZASLON undergo a full development and production cycle in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2015. Programmable units and systems, specialized boards released with acceptance are subjected to all necessary tests, including temperature tests. For all products of the company issued specifications and the required software documentation, drawn up in accordance with GOSTs and ISOs. 

The high technological level of ZASLON's product development and the quality of the created STR allows the company to produce unique products that meet international quality standards.

Highly skilled software engineers of JSC ZASLON in close cooperation with algorithmists create simulation software and mathematical models of researched processes and algorithms; develop functional, hardware and technological software, using the following development tools and technologies:

  • programming languages: C, C++11/14/17 (STL, Boost), Python;
  • cross-platform development tools: Qt4, Qt5 (cross-platform software development with graphical user interface);
  • programming techniques: Object-oriented programming, design patterns, unit testing;
  • mathematical packages: MatLab, GNU Octave, Scilab;
  • version control systems: GIT, Subversion (SVN);
  • project management systems: GitLab, Trac;
  • source code documentation: Doxygen;
  • hard real-time operating systems: BAGUETTE 2.0 real-time operating system;
  • general-purpose operating systems of the GNU/Linux family: Debian, CentOS;
  • integrated circuit hardware description languages: Verilog, VHDL.
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