Delivery and Service of Marine Equipment

Services rendered in the field of “Delivery and Service of Marine Equipment”

Equipment delivery

JSC ZASLON supplies various samples of science-intensive imported marine equipment, including marine equipment for various purposes, small vessels of various purposes and types, submersibles, marine robotic systems, etc. for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense and other Customers

Deliveries are made in the shortest possible time on the basis of proven and reliable interaction with logistics and customs clearance companies, with specialized organizations for testing equipment against industrial espionage (if necessary), as well as providing equipment with technical and operational documentation translated into Russian and adapted.

In its supply activities, the company gives preference to samples that do not have domestic counterparts, in order to develop in the process of optimal technical solutions and technologies for the organization of cost-effective import-substituting production of machinery using its own or attracted scientific, technical and production base.


JSC ZASLON performs installation, supervision, commissioning and all kinds of tests of the delivered equipment at the sites, including full-scale tests at sea for commissioning, as well as training of the operating personnel.

All works are performed in accordance with the requirements of relevant GOSTs, the procedure for licensing of activities and the current governing documents of the customer.

Depending on the Customer's requirements, work with imported equipment can be carried out by JSC ZASLON specialists or with the assistance of the manufacturer's specialists.

Service maintenance and restoration of technical readiness

JSC ZASLON performs a full range of works on service maintenance of the supplied equipment by certified specialists during the entire service life period, which includes:


1) Mandatory:

  • periodic maintenance to ensure operability during the warranty period;
  • restoration of technical readiness during the warranty period (warranty repair).


    2) Recommended (at the discretion of the customer):

  • periodic maintenance after the end of the warranty period;
  • technical supervision of compliance with the rules of operation during the period of service;
  • prompt restoration of equipment technical availability (current repairs);
  • scheduled restoration of equipment technical availability (medium and overhaul) using original materials and components;
  • equipment modifications during the service life of the equipment in case the manufacturer implements design changes.

    JSC ZASLON can service and repair shipboard equipment and marine equipment:

  • produced in the USSR outside the Russian Federation and, therefore, left after 1991 without domestic developers and (or) manufacturers with the corresponding mandatory functions provided for by Russian law;
  • supplied and put into operation by organizations that have ceased their activities for any reason;
  • supplied and put into operation by organizations whose quality of service is not satisfactory to the Customer.

    In this case, at the request of the customer, on technically or morally obsolete equipment there may be implemented:

  • development and/or resumption of production of component parts;
  • finalization of component parts with the use of the updated element base;
  • updating obsolete software;
  • maximum possible import substitution of used consumables, etc.
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