Company Background

JSC ZASLON has travelled a long road from a pre-revolutionary wrought iron and metal plant to a modern scientific and technical center. Today it is a rapidly developing Company with strong scientific and technological potential, innovative production base, possessing modern technological processes and high-performance equipment, which provides excellent quality and reliability of science-intensive products.

Creation of R.R. Ozoling's wrought iron and metal plant, manufacturing iron and copper castings.

It has established the production of hatches, cast-iron slabs of stoves, artistic castings (balustrade grids for bridges, balconies, staircases, etc).

On the site of the plant there was founded the Lentekstilmash textile machinery factory, which employed a team of 1,200 people.

The plant developed production and manufactured the latest textile machines, the first of their kind to be produced in the Soviet Union.

Establishment of Plant #287, producing radar and radio equipment for aircraft.

In parallel with the work on developing the production of defense products, the team worked on the development of high-class radio receivers.

The enterprise is renamed Leninets Leningrad Plant.

Between 1966 and 1993, the staff of the plant was awarded 4 high government awards for the development and production of modern science-intensive radar complexes for aviation.

In particular, until the 1990s, the Company was a manufacturer of onboard equipment for Soviet Air Force aircraft.

Transformation of the company into State Enterprise Zavod Leninets.

Its core activities were: development, production, modernization and repair of aviation avionics, as well as air-conditioning equipment.

Name of the plant: Open-type Joint Stock Company Zavod Leninets, later changed to OJSC Zavod Leninets, and further to OJSC STC Zavod Leninets.

During this period, the range of its activities became the broadest in the history of the Company's development.

The plant was actively engaged in the development and supply of radio navigation equipment, modern maritime radar and radio engineering complexes, automated radar control systems, etc.

On November 14, 2014, OJSC STC Zavod Leninets was transformed into JSC ZASLON.

The namesake of the Company was one of its main products – the Zaslon Radar System, which has been produced at Leninets for more than 30 years and is considered the Company's hallmark product.

At present, JSC ZASLON occupies a leading position in the Russian market among developers and manufacturers of high-tech equipment.

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