Tue, 25/07/2017

     One of the largest aviation forums in the world, International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017, has finished. Delegations from more than 25 countries presented their products and about 700 companies from Russia, USA, Japan, France, China, Iran, Germany, Great Britain participated in it.

    JSC ZASLON presented at MAKS-2017 its own series of products for general-purpose ground support equipment. A complex of special machines designed to prepare aircraft for use was demonstrated to the guests and participants of the salon with full-scale samples of: Ground Mobile Generating Set APA-100 U and Hydraulic System Test Unit UPG-200/350L.

    Nowadays 4++ and 5 generation aircrafts have especially strict requirements to a powerful ground generating set, which would be able to supply 100 kW on board and to ensure correct operation of the system (overload protection, protection from unauthorized change of rotation speed, and current frequency). APA-100U produced by JSC ZASLON fully meets the needs of modern aviation, both civilian and military.

    Hydraulic System Test Unit UPG-200/350L is designed for testing and checking of aircraft hydraulic systems on the ground. It is used to supply fluid into hydraulic systems of aircrafts at the necessary pressure and flow levels; check for leaks and pressure testing of units and hydraulic systems of aircraft and hydraulic plants; refuel hydraulic systems with hydraulic fluid; supply nitrogen (air) to create pressurization in hydraulic tanks and hydraulic plants of aircrafts; charge pneumatic units with nitrogen; check the aggregates of aircraft hydraulic systems for operability; supply electric power to aggregates associated with the operation of aircraft hydraulic systems and hydraulic plants. The full-scale sample of UPG-200/350L presented at MAKS-2017 is a prototype model.

    Representatives of PJSC Sukhoi Design Bureau, Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG”, PJSC Kursk Machine Building Plant and Russian MoD.

  Guests of JSC ZASLON exposition saw a prototype of Mobile Data Processing Center created under Potok project to solve the tasks for ensuring guaranteed fail-safe operation of enterprise information systems. PJSC Oil Company Rosneft, PJSC Gazprom, Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, JSC Scientific and Production Enterprise “ RadarMMS”, as well as such giants of aircraft industry as Boeing, Airbus, and others showed interest in this product.

   We are proud to state that the past MAKS-2017 salon became a representative platform that allowed JSC ZASLON to demonstrate its potential and development prospects.