Thu, 06/07/2017

     From June 28 to July 2, 2017, the 8th International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS) was held in St. Petersburg on the territory of the Lenexpo exhibition complex, Morskoy Vokzal berthing complex, and Vasilyevsky Island harbor. 

     The Maritime Show is the largest professional event that gathers leaders of Russian and international shipbuilding, as well as representatives of leading companies in shipbuilding industry. This year, 444 companies from 30 countries presented their developments and products at the show. 

     IMDS-2017 covered shipbuilding, weapons and armament, combat command and control systems, navigation, communication and control systems, ship power plants, naval aviation, fleet deployment and support infrastructure, new materials and advanced technologies. Large areas of the exposition were occupied by companies supplying component equipment and materials, instruments and electronic components, information technologies, consulting, financial and insurance services in design, shipbuilding and weapons development spheres.

     The main goal of JSC ZASLON participation at IMDS-2017 was to demonstrate scientific and technical potential of the company in the domain of naval and airborne radars, ship’s climatic equipment, to inform about our achievements and innovations; to confirm stable business contacts with Russian and foreign companies.

     During IMDS-2017, more than 200 representatives of various companies and organizations visited the booth of JSC ZASLON, including JSC USC, Rostekh State Corporation, JSC Rosoboronexport, JSC “Concern “Almaz – Antey”, State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, FSUE Krylov State Research Center, JSC Izumrud, JSC TVEL and many others. At the meetings, the questions of the development of artillery armament advanced models, as well as weapons for the newest projects of frigates and corvettes (22350m, 20386) and patrol ships, the integration of Bagira, Poliment-Redut, Palash in Zaslon MF RLK system, as well as promotion of our products to the international market, especially for East Asian partners were discussed.

     Such important guests as Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral V.I. Korolev, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Navy for Armament Vice Admiral V.I. Bursuk, Head of the Department of the State Defense Order Provision of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Rear Admiral A.P. Vernigora, Chief of the Main Staff of the Navy Vice-Admiral A.O. Volozhinsky visited the booth of JSC ZASLON. At the exposition, honorary guests were able to get acquainted with perspective samples of military equipment created on the basis of active phased antenna arrays, and multi-purpose naval radar system MF RLK Zaslon. Managing Company Director General A.A. Gorbunov, JSC ZASLON Managing Director A.I. Adamenya, Chief Constructor of MF RLK Zaslon V.A. Kiselev and Head of the Naval Armament and Military Equipment Directorate V.V. Movchan gave all necessary explanations to high guests.

     The booth of JSC ZASLON was also visited by foreign guests from Italy, France, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Iran, the Republic of Senegal and Thailand. Foreign customers were mainly interested in cooperation vectors related to the supply of complete radar products, as well as joint research and development work in various areas.

     During the weekend, an astromech droid R2-D2 from Star Wars, who moved by himself within the pavilion and spoke his own R2D2 language, became an outstanding event of the company’s booth. Everyone could take a picture with a nice character and get a branded photograph on the background of JSC ZASLON booth.

     To sum up, we can definitely say that the booth of JSC ZASLON attracted a lot of attention from government agencies, business and the media. Company managers and specialists once again showed their high level of professionalism while presenting the exhibits, gave all necessary comments on possible problems and prospects for company development at both domestic and international market of radio electronics.